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Biggs Oil has been involved in Oil distribution since 1904. On 1st September 1904, the Anglo American Oil Company, (now Esso Ireland Ltd), signed its first agreement with the distributor G. W. Biggs & Co Ltd. to sell Esso fuels to domestic, commercial, farm trade and marine customers in its distribution area. As agents, G. W. Biggs & Co. Ltd. had to ‘provide and pay for all labour, clerical work, stabling, horses, harness, feed and other expenses’, in return for a commission which started at ‘one farthing per gallon for bulk oil delivered ex Yard Tank’ and was raised to ‘three farthings a gallon for deliveries in town ex Street Wagon’. (Today one farthing equals approx 0.05 of one cent.)

Biggs Oil is a 100% Irish owned family run business and we pride ourselves in our level of customer service and reliability.  We supply all grades of fuels to both commercial and domestic customers across Cork and Kerry.  Details of the products we sell are included under the heading, Products on this website.  Delivery is normally made within a maximum of two working days from receiving an order.  This may not be possible in times outside of our control, such as during extremely busy times or poor weather conditions, but we will always do our best to deliver on time. All our trucks are electronically metered so you can be assured of an accurate record of your delivery.  We are committed to constantly improving our service to our customers, such as investing in new software that enables us to deal with orders more efficiently and ensuring that all drivers are fully trained and qualified.


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